“ Mutiny Of Colours is a feature-length documentary film about 
Street Art & Graffiti in Islamic Republic of IRAN. 
The Film has four episodes showing Life/Art life of Five Iranian street
artists. Video shooting has begun since 2012 and still continues… “
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LSD magazine
“ We recently heard about a street art film project launching a
kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a film about street art
graffiti artists living and working under strict conditions in Iran.
One of the first things that strike you about this film ... ”
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“ Die Filmemacher Zeinab Tabrizy und Paliz Khoshdel arbeiten
gerade an dem Film “Mutiny Of Colours“, der sich der Graffiti-und
Street Art-Szene im Iran widmet. Gerade istder erste, sehr sehr
vielversprechende Trailer der Dokumentation veröffentlicht
worden ... " 
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“ MUTINY OF COLOURS Los 5 documentales indispensables para
entender el street artEl documental narra la vida, los peligros y la
manera de pensar de cinco artistas iraníesen pleno auge del mundo
islámico ... “
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